Trigger cues with enttec and quickshow

I am trying to use Soundswitch software with quickshow via the enttec usb pro. I have the Soundswitch Micro DMX plugged in and running to the in of the Enttec DMX USB Pro. Then I also have the FB3 plugged into the same PC. I open soundswitch and choose the microdmx, and I open Quickshow connect to the enttec and the set the channel to what I have it set in Soundswitch 385. I set all the things in the custom attribute, but when looking at the monitor in Quickshow, it's stuck at blackout mode. I am not too sure what it is that I am missing at this point.
Currently, I have 1 page with 1 cue. I just want to be able to trigger that one thing before I move forward.