trigger multiple audio cues to run at same time via dmx

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    HI guys last year i successfully used pangolin time line to trigger conventional lights,laser and audio events at the same time via DMX using dmx server feature and onyx, obsidian in a small theater production of War of the worlds.

    Is there a way to run trigger two time lines at the same time via dmx

    what i would like to achieve, is to have the pre show music being triggered by dmx at start of night, then run a 2nd show track (containing be seated ding,ding,ding sound) with out interrupting the pre existing pre show sound track. is this possible ?

    currently each show is saved with its audio content then saved.

    the show is then dragged in to a cue

    the cue is triggered via dmx ( dmx server mode)

    please let me know if there is any additional information can be provided
  2. Igor Strakhov

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    Hi, Zerowaitstate!
    Have you tried using the "Multi cue" mode?
  3. zerowaitstate

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    I do note this works if i use a mouse click in this space, i had also tried using groups and placing the cues (containing seperate show files) but had no luck there when using dmx as a trigger

    i believe as the cue is starting a show, maybe this is the issue.

    I understand DMX are a separate independent playback, but maybe as i am calling a show to be triggered it is falling down there OR

    .......maybe this is the DMX side of thing not tracking (DMX server being used ) shows are running in specific zone to be accessible.
  4. ENOT

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    DMX Serve supposed to be super fast and react on every DMX update. Timeline with audio are super heavy and time consuming. I can go deeper if you want to. However, question like you have can be easily solved with one script. Check out embedded HTML file how to make DMX Trigger Script. Put it into PangoScrtip tab, use DMX channel you want. Inside of script use commands like that

    MultiCue // set Multi Cue button on
    ClickToggle /// set Toggle button on
    CueDown 1,1 /// if show paced on 1st page, 1st cue
    CueDown 1,2 // If show placed on 1st page, 1nd cue

    Four commands emulate standard mouse clicks which you would to if to make it manually.

    Best Regards,
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