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  1. Scody

    Scody New Member

    While with my laptop everything works fine,

    when i use a new Windows 10 Desktop i get the following error:


    As you can see Beyond say that QM2000 9818 authorizes beyond 2.1
    and QM2000 9818 is connected (with the other cards also visible)

    I am using QM2000.NET, and on the same pc LD2000 works without problems.

    Can you help me to resolve this issue?

    thank you

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  2. Bob@Pangolin

    Bob@Pangolin Staff Member

    Are you sure that you used the 2.1 BEYOND installer and not the 2.0 BEYOND installer?

    The upgraded license file only works on BEYOND 2.1 and up.

    If you still keep having problems, Please contact us directly on or by phone.
  3. ENOT

    ENOT Software Developer Staff Member

    Hi Scody,

    Do you use BEYOND build 834?

  4. Bankaifan

    Bankaifan Member

    We have the Same problem using our QM2000
  5. laserpeter

    laserpeter New Member

    We also have this start problem, this is not professional ... :mad:
    Please help us, we need a running system very urgent.

    Version 2.1 RC1 (834) Essentials
    LD2000 5.6
    fresh OS, Windows7 x64 and freh PANGOLIN software install

    Best regards from Germany
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  6. Pangolin

    Pangolin Staff Member

    We're always happy to help, but help is a two-way street. We need information from you in order to help, including the build number.

    For urgent matters, telephone is always best, and we are available nearly 24/7. Try it!

    Once we have the information we need, perhaps including log files, then we can deliver a solution.

    Best regards,

    William Benner
  7. New Member

    I met the same troubles. Win7 64, QM2000, have the corresponding license. Whennever what i do the trouble is exist. This version 2.1 is not run smoothly.
  8. Scody

    Scody New Member

    Sorry for my late response,

    i had this trouble with beyond

    i solved installing the build 583

    Was a my mistake, because the link to the correct installer (Setup_BEYOND_VDJ.exe) was in the them mail with the license key.
  9. Pangolin

    Pangolin Staff Member

    No problem. And I'm not sure anything is ever the customer's (i.e. your) "mistake". Ultimately if the product doesn't work, the blame must fall on Pangolin!

    However, some problems are very tricky to find, and may show up only in certain circumstances (for example, version of Windows, network configuration, hardware, lasers, etc. etc. and so on).

    For that reason a positive result is only found in the PARTNERSHIP between customers and Pangolin working together. In order to deliver a solution, we often need feedback and log files from customers, so we can understand and then solve the problem.

    In any event, we are happy to hear that you are up and running, and always encourage direct contact by telephone whenever a problem is urgent.

    Best regards,

    William Benner