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  1. Bas

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    Hi there, my first post as the proud owner of an LD2000 system :)

    I use the LD2000 Intro primarily for my own DPSS laser for Live performances but I also would like to use LD2000 for creation and playback on a optical bench controlled by a TARM Vidal II system. Now this system use other connectors for the communication to PCAOM (AA 6-ch), Scanners (CT6800) and Actuators (GM20 with 8 channel driverboard). I would like to send TTL lines over the DMX port and would like to know if anyone here have any experience on hooking LD2000 to such a laser system.

    Ofcouse.. pinouts would be great so that I can build a convertor to the Pangolin connectors.

    Any information would be great, thanks in advance.

    Kind regards,
  2. Pangolin

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    Hi Bas,

    Thanks for the post. While I do not have any direct experience with the Tarm projector that you mentioned, I do believe that you will need a DMX to "analog" or "TTL" converter to do this job. We have a few of these listed on our web page at:

    I invite the comments of others on this topic...

  3. Bas

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    Thanks for your reply Bill, I'll sort some things out first like the X/Y signals and the color channels of the TARM projector. When I've got more info I'll post it here for future reference to other members.

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  4. biskxp

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    have you worked out the pinouts for the scanner side yet?

    About to get a pangolin desk for a tarm system so need to workout the connections from the 9 pin connector
  5. Bas

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    Hi Biskxp (and everyone else as I promised to get back with these pinouts..),

    The people @ TARM were friendly enough to send me the pinouts and I just got them in today so here they are! :cool:
    As expected the scan and x/y signals look quite the same as the Laser Media 9 pin d-sub connections you can find in the LD2000 helpfile. Voltages are the same as Laser Media.
    Don't forget to read the notes in the LD2000 helpfile about blanking and grounding connections!
    For TTL signals (tarm 37 pin beamsignal) you should check which DMX to TTL & analog controller board you'll need.

    I am doing the same conversion (TARM Vidal II DTRS --> Pango) as you are doing so if you get any problems and/or have questions, email me.

    Good luck!

    Kind regards,


    Tarm 9pin Scanner
    Pin 1 GND
    Pin 2 X
    Pin 3 Y
    Pin 4 Blanking
    Pin 5 NC
    Pin 6 Logoshutter
    Pin 7 Blue
    Pin 8 Green
    Pin 9 Red

    tarm 37pin Beamsignal
    Pin 1 Beam 1
    Pin 2 Beam 2
    Pin 3 Beam 3
    Pin 4 Beam 4
    Pin 5 Beam 5
    Pin 6 Beam 6
    Pin 7 Beam 7
    Pin 8 Beam 8
    Pin 9 Beam 9
    Pin 10 Beam 10
    Pin 11 Beam 11
    Pin 12 Beam 12
    Pin 13 Beam 13
    Pin 14 Beam 14
    Pin 15 Beam 15
    Pin 16 Beam 16
    Pin 17 BeamShutter
    Pin 18 NC
    Pin 19 GND
    Pin 20 Red
    Pin 21 Green
    Pin 22 Blue
    Pin 23 Cyan
    Pin 24 Magenta
    Pin 25 Yellow
    Pin 26 Motor A
    Pin 27 Motor B
    Pin 28 Motor Fixed
    Pin 29 BeamSplitter 1
    Pin 30 BeamSplitter 2
    Pin 31 NC
    Pin 32 NC
    Pin 33 NC
    Pin 34 NC
    Pin 35 NC
    Pin 36 NC
    Pin 37 GND
  6. Bas

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    Just to let you all know, I have successfully converted the TARM system for Pangolin use. You can use the Laser Media DB9 connections as stated in the LD2000 helpfile. In palette setup choose the 3rd option (... slow color control device..) since color channels are inverted on TARM systems. The slow color control option has no effect on the TARM projector.

    For beamtable, beamsplitter and other GM20 actuators you'll need a 3rd party DMX to Analog/TTL converter.

    Good luck to all boys and girls which are to convert TARM systems.

    Kind regards,

  7. biskxp

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    Now lets see what a TARM bench will do when it's connected to a PROPER laser desk NOT an Atari ST which to be perfectly honest needs a decent burial