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    Hello, now I have some problem with my pangolin .NET and my laser, 1 color green, ... my intensity blanking is connected to the right pins but I have no blanking, allways on... any hints on how to check the ttl ? It is not very clear, hope you catch me !
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    Re: ttl modulation!

    most diode lasers have a 2-pin connector for modulation (blanking or intensity).

    these usually are wired to make the laser output a beam when they are disconnected, and turn the beam off when they are shorted together.

    ....but this is not directly compatible with the pangolin blanking signal, which outputs a 'high' of 5vdc to turn the beam on, and a 'low' of 0v to turn the beam off.

    however, the fix is very easy. you just need to fit a 'shunt' resistor across the two modulation pins on the laser (which will cause the beam to turn off), and then connect the blanking signal wires (ILDA pin 3 +, and pin 16 0v) from the pangolin. the resistance of the shunt resistor can vary depending on the laser, but i find that a value between 1.2k (1200) and 1.5k (1500) ohms works fine.

    a 0.25 or even 0.125 watt resistor is sufficient.

    hope this helps....
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    Run the palette-wizard in LD2000 to setup the system for a projector with the (single colour) DPSS connected to the intensity.