two lasers with one FB3

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    anyone know if it's possible to control 2 rbg lasers with one FB3 controller??
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    If I understand this right--
    you can run up to 6 PJs from one PC/QS(or Beyond)FB3-- however IIRC all 'must' be RGB or RGV - or 2 color or single color(cannot mix) AND all must be either ttl blanking or analog full color. (All lower priced SOFTS are like that NOT just QS/BEYOND)

    However I have read that when doing this by just using ILDA 'out' (the better PJs have both ILDA ''in' and ILDA out)and doing a 'daisey chain' is possible for a lowered quality of output and some purchase quite expensive boxes that BOTH split AND boost into the other PJs with an improved performance as opposed to ILDA 'Y' splitters --

    Not sure the improvement is worth the extra costs.IMO....

    I have run as many as 3 PJs(all TTL) with no issues i could see. Now that I own one RGB full color my TTL PJs must be ran with another (cheapy) laptop and a second (cheapy)soft- for me as i already have them my 'other' PJs will be ran from either I-Show or 5paghetti softs and used mostly as 'satelite beamers'--

    ATM with Windows XP soon to be no longer supported by MS - older laptops will be sold very cheaply- as most now want very small ones and the larger laptops have become VERY cheap to buy and Win XP is just fine for running QS--

    Good luck to you
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    Len you should have no problem running your TTL lasers off the same ILDA signal as your analog laser. The analog signal will modulate in a "linear" fashion but your TTL lasers will only "change" when their blanking threshold has been hit. I have been told most TTL lasers have a threshold of less than 5volts, so analog signals should make your TTL lasers run without issue... except for fades and "dark" colors. ;)