Two projectors at once ?

Discussion in 'QM2000 series of products' started by Ray, May 6, 2007.

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    New Pangolin Basic version now in NZ in the hands of NZ customs. Guess it should arrive soon after they extract some blood from me... can't wait.
    I have read of using one 2000 board to control two projectors (with same info'). I have seen the info here on Pangolin website.
    It refers to using buffer amps for all signal lines (X - Y +colours) on each cable. Even suggests using a pot to get some gain for long runs.
    Does anyone have a schematic of a unit that works ? so I don't have to re- invent the wheel and make a mess. I assume the buffers would be unity or close thereto.. if no schematic any suggestions for the op-amp type.
    I have two DT-40 pros and two green 1500mw to control.
    NZ :N
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    Hi Ray,

    In simple way you can made wire splitter - one DB25 to 2 DB25 (concerning on you projector input). This way is working fine, but please make attention on the power mains - both projectors and computer must be connected in one power outlet
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