two projectors on one fb3

Discussion in 'Lasershow Designer QuickShow' started by Chris Lee, Jan 20, 2012.

  1. Chris Lee

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    hi guys can you help am quite new to quick show but come with a good back ground in lighting, dmx, have got quick show up and running very nice indeed, works fine with one projector EKHO PHONIEX RGB, brought a 2nd projector the same model got them to fit a 2nd ilda to link across.

    One projector Runs, fine the other just sits there on stand alone run them on there own they are fine. Thought ok made in china!! brought a very nice splitter lead from kvant £54 still the same, am told you can run two on one hard warefb3, many do have been told, there may be an issue with the two lasers, guess what the shop has no tec back The shop needs to speak to the manufacture ,China.
    Any one else had this problem or any ideas!! guess the least expensive is a 2nd quickshow fb3 at £400 nearly ,Ouch!!!
    Kind regards.
  2. Beamin

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    Try a matILDA board
  3. Lasersource

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    Both laser work well when they are directly connected to the FB3 and the problem come when you use a splitter for both lasers?

    or works the second laser not directly and not with a splitter?
  4. Aaron@Pangolin

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    Chris, I know we traded some emails, but I was curious if you ever worked this out with your projector manufacturer?

    I must admit, I missed the small part where you stated "on stand alone"... If your projectors have a "stand alone" function, then it sounds like there is some connection not being made to the stand alone DMX card to tell it to switch to ILDA mode. Again this is something the projector manufacturer should address and I would think a splitter cable that is splitting all 25 pins would complete any needed connections... :confused:
  5. Chris Lee

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    hi Guys the manufacture came back but did not know why it would not work, felt cheated to be honest, I have just brought a 2nd quickshow just last week to run both of the projectors. another£400 have got both set up and run on there own fine but will not run together have gone in to zones and have asigned them to zone one and two with seperate fb3`s but they will not run together I just want them at the moment to do just the same as each other its a little frustrating can you help. email is
    kind regards Chris.
  6. smokeAndMirrors

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    Make sure the output for the cues are assigned to the correct zones (right-click the cue, "Cue Properties", make sure the correct zones are ticked.
  7. Aaron@Pangolin

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    What he said. Also make sure you have multi cue set to have a different cue going to each projector at the same time. One-cue and multi cue buttons are up top in the middle of the menu buttons. I am on the iPad so I can't do screen shot at the moment. :eek:
  8. dickiebom

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    Same problem

    I am having the same problem. Each laser is working fine independently connected to the splitter but when second laser is added to the splitter, the Shinp laser (2nd projector)then only produces a circle. i thought the FB3 was sensing a second projector on the o/p and saying nolikey. Reading this post it seems to blame the laser. Any help peoples.
  9. Aaron@Pangolin

    Aaron@Pangolin Staff Member

    It sounds like your projector is not sensing the ILDA connection after the splitter and going into some sort of DMX standalone mode if it is producing a circle.

    It could also be that the splitter you are using is not actually splitting all 25 pins of the ILDA output; if it is only splitting the "needed outputs", x, y, r, g, b, shutter, and ground, and the DMX board of your projector needs to see some signal on a pin that is not "split", it will not know to go from DMX mode to ILDA. I am grasping at straws here but it is a possibility.

    Do you have an electronics parts store near you where you can buy a couple of DB25 connectors and a ribbon cable? It might be worth your time to make your own splitter cable to rule out a cable problem.
  10. smokeAndMirrors

    smokeAndMirrors Well-Known Member

    And if you swap the lasers?
  11. Chris Lee

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    Hi GUYS .
    I brought a very nice splitter from kvant to run the fb3 on two sererate lasers, still would not work! the laser shop came back to me after much frustration and said the chinese manufacture did not know why it would not work but said the gentleman may have to spend some more money on a 2nd fb3(another £385). this I did as it was the cheapest option rather than buy two brand new projectors, still having problems, found out the 9 screen only pops up on the advance user .

    Can get the preview window to do the same for both but not in real time both lasers will work doing diffirnet things so a new set of problems, have been told it may be in the set up of one laser, the show it now, only shows on one ,even when I drop down the menu to show the 2nd fb3,each one is done seperately ok`d and closed HELP.
    The task next will be programing two doing the same with a time line??
    I dont recall Martin light jockey being this hard thats with 8 criptons and 4 sets of martin rorbo colours 2.

    Any help guys would be much appreaciated.
    Kind regards. Chris
  12. Aaron@Pangolin

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    I am able to run two projection zones from one cue with no issues.

    Have you set up your projections zones to match your FB3s in the Projection settings menu?

    Have you set your Cue to project to both projection zones your FB3s are matched to?

    What build of QS are you running? This might be an issue where an older build of QS is not able to do what you are trying.