UDP Talk Server 'message blocked'

Discussion in 'Lasershow Designer BEYOND' started by frog, Oct 5, 2023.

  1. frog

    frog New Member

    I've been testing out BEYOND Advanced Demo, specifically the BEYOND Talk server component using UDP. I have 'Display Internal BEYOND Command' enabled in the Laser Preview.

    When I send a command (e.g. SetBpm 123.4\r\n), I see a '- message blocked' message appear in the laser preview window and BPM doesn't change.

    Why is 'message blocked' appearing and how do I unblock?
  2. Bob@Pangolin

    Bob@Pangolin Staff Member

    Hi Frog,
    I cannot be entirely certain, this could very well be that the demo does not accepting incoming input. Please send a screenshot to support with also the sending app, then we can take a look. I will also ask the dev team if they have an answer on this.

    Additional information, we also have send2b.exe https://wiki.pangolin.com/doku.php?id=beyond:send2b
  3. ENOT

    ENOT Software Developer Staff Member

    Use ASCII encoding, single by per character. Do not use escape sequences or delimiters such as \r or \n. It will be not recognized and as result, message will be blocked as incorrect.