Universe, Delays, Multi-monitor use

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    Hi all,

    A year ago, Derek Garbos shared a video with me. It was made on his cell phone. He showed how he was using the BEYOND Universe, and "effect delay" capability of BEYOND.

    In the video you will see that he created a show scenario based on a picture he had taken earlier in the day. The picture was of the trussing system used at this particular event. He then dragged and dropped lasers into position and generalized preview areas (where the lasers were pointing). The result is a fairly realistic view of what the show would look like, so he could do programming.

    The Universe window is more than just a visualization tool. Derek could click on the individual laser preview windows and assign effects to them. So this provides a much more "hand's on" feel to laser show production. Rather than thinking about "zone 5" or something like that, he can just click right on the relevant laser and go.

    Although it's not shown too much, you can see that he has the "secondary grid" fully maximized on a secondary monitor on the right side of his computer screen. This is a touch-screen monitor, so he can trigger cues and see them much larger.

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