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Discussion in 'Lasershow Designer BEYOND' started by Ludwig Haenlein, Sep 17, 2018.

  1. Ludwig Haenlein

    Ludwig Haenlein New Member

    Hi all,
    maybe i´m too stupid, but.....

    I have "upgraded" from Beyond 3 to 4.
    My problem is now... if i load projector settings, workspace or zone files from the Ver.3 into Ver 4, i will miss most of the configuration.
    Because i´m using much of DMX inside and outside the shows, i have configured the Quick DMX panel in a way, that shows me the names and functions of the DMX devices and channels. It´s also coloured to make life easier. After loading the workspace into Ver 4, there are all this configurations missing.
    Same with projector settings ... I´m using BAM for example - all configs from the Ver 3 projector settings are missing or incomplete in Ver4....
    So it´s a plenty of work, to configure all settings again.
    I have seen the same behaviour going from Beyond 2 to 3.
    So - is it not possible to import settings from an older Version to a newer one?

    Or is it possible to tweak some files to get the settings back?

    Unfortunately the firmware of the FB3 boxes werde updated with ver 4, so it´s not possible anymore to use Beyond 3.

    Thanks & best regared
  2. ENOT

    ENOT Software Developer Staff Member

    Thank you for question. BEYOND 2,3 or 4 follow the same logic for setting files. By default BEYOND installed into folder C:\BEYOND40 (or similar). Inside installation folder you will see sub folder System. Take a minute and look a file names, they should be understandable. So, BEYOND keep all the settings in one single place - folder "System". File names in 3.0 and 4.0 are equal. If you need to backup settings, or copy the settings - just copy files. So, while BEYOND is not started, open folder with BEYOND 3, locate System, look at files, copy one/some/all, and paste into System folder of BEYOND4. You have a good question, and I always tell to Users - BEYOND as a simple system for settings files - they are in System folder.
  3. Ludwig Haenlein

    Ludwig Haenlein New Member

    Hi Enot,
    thanks for the fast answer. Yes, i have seen the files, but i was unsure to disrupt the installation if i start copying files between Ver3 and 4.
    So i will try it in the next days.
    BR / Ludwig
  4. Ludwig Haenlein

    Ludwig Haenlein New Member

    Hi Enot,
    again - thanks for the explanation. It´s working perfect!
    BR /Ludwig