update firmware prolem!

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    I have : Pc win7 32,quickshow 2.5 build 385 & FB3.
    Today, when I conect Fb3 & open quickshow I have been noticed :' This version of quickshow requires the FB3 to have firmware version 7.25".
    I click ok. then processed I reopen quickshow but FB3 not work. I downloaded the last version of quickshow on web . I had tried to run system one more times but it's still not work.
    I don't see FB3.
    There are 2 image attached about this problem.
    Hope your reply.Thank you!

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  2. Hi Kingqueen,

    I am not completely sure what you mean by "processed", but what you will need to do is update the firmware of your FB3, not try downloading a newer version of Quickshow. You can find the firmware on this page: http://pangolin.com/support/software-updates/. Just sign in, click on "FB3 driver - download now" on the right, download the zip file and follow the instructions to update your FB3.

    Good luck!
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