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    Hi All,

    As many of you know, in the past we had a separate forum for Lasershow Converter MAX and Lasershow Converter FLASH, but now we consolidated both of these into a single forum.

    The reason is because we have added a new product to the Lasershow Converter product line. The new product is called Lasershow Converter 4D, and it is a plug-in for the popular 3D Computer Graphics program called Cinema 4D from MAXON Computer GmbH.

    You can read more about Lasershow Converter 4D on our LC4D web page:

    Lasershow Converter 4D is the third product in our line of conversion programs for LD2000. All Lasershow Converter programs are based on the same first-place award-winning autodigitizing technology.

    For more information about Lasershow Converter MAX -- our plug-in for 3D Studio MAX, see the web page:

    And for more information on Lasershow Converter FLASH -- our program for converting scenes created with Macromedia FLASH, see the web page: