Updating QS... must be doing something wrong

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  1. I am trying to update QS to version 2.7 using the download link at http://pangolin.com/support/software-updates but after running the installer program (no error messages whatsoever) and restarting the laptop, QS.exe is missing so I cannot start the program.

    I know I am most certainly doing something wrong, but I cannot figure out what. The old QS.exe is in the backup folder but there is no new QS.exe in the QS folder, nor does it turn up with a search on the entire harddisk.

    Tried twice (once without and once with installing drivers) but same result. Previous updates always went flawlessly.

    Does anyone have a clue as to what is going on?
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    This is probably a reaction of your anti-virus program. From time to time there are "false positive" conditions, where the anti-virus program will believe QS.EXE has a virus. It doesn't, but instead QS (like all Pangolin software these days) employs anti-cracking technology which prevents hackers (and unfortunately anti-virus programs too) from seeing inside our program. Sometimes the AV programs get nervous when they can't see inside a program, and so they simply declare any such program "a virus".

    Probably if you look inside your "virus vault" (or similar) you will find the QS.EXE and be able to tell your anti-virus program that it's not a virus and to put it back where it found it.

    It would be helpful for you to contact your anti-virus program provider and let them know that QS.EXE is not a virus and that Pangolin is a reputable company, in business for 30 years. From time to time users do that, and it's always successful.

    Best regards,

    William Benner
  3. Thanks William, the antivirus programme was indeed the culprit. It had thrown out the exe file without even a warning. Working fine now. Thanks for the quick reply!
  4. Pangolin

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    Sure, glad to help.

    By the way, there is a new build that can be found in the download section of our web site. The new build is made in a different way, so it might (or might not) trigger your Anti-virus software. (It seems sometimes we can change something in a small way and it will avoid triggering, or trigger a false positive. It's a real hit-or-miss type thing...)

    The new version fixes problems some people reported with the clock and text features, and also has some new FB4 functionality.

    Best regards,

    William Benner
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    Have to update message,again.

    As the title says.
    That bug appears again....
    My QS version is up to date. (2.7 build 456) and there is no newer on pangolin.com.

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  6. Pangolin

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    That message is based on the perceived amount of time it will take us to come out with a new update. In this case, the message is a bit ahead of us...

    We will be releasing a new version of QuickShow very soon, with additional features, workspace pages, and something totally new and unexpected.

    Please stay tuned...
  7. epyn

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    I'm very excited!
    Unfortunately there is no reason yet (and budget as well :eek: )to get Beyond so i will be QS user for a while.
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    We've just released QuickShow version 2.8. It removes the notice that you see with version 2.7, and also includes some FB4-related enhancements.

    Best regards,

    William Benner