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Discussion in 'Lasershow Designer BEYOND' started by Laserguy, Apr 14, 2012.

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    Hi. Is there an upgrade option from QS to Beyond? I just bought a new projector from an authorized Pangolin dealer and it comes with QS and the FB3 board. Just wondering if I had any upgrade options? Also, I can't find anything about Beyond on Pangolin's main website, but if I Google it, I can find the site. Is Beyond available for purchase or is it still being beta tested? Thanks.
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    Sur un célébre site d'enchére il y a un revendeur qui propose la mise à jour beyond pour ceux qui posséde le fb3 sous QS.
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    HelloThere is a reseller that offers to update beyond those on a site enchére celebrates that possesses the fb3 under QS.
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    Every FB3 comes with QuickShow.
    After that you can buy an beyond upgrade.

    As far as i know, this does not mean, QuickShow stops working.

    Or you buy an Beyond with the controller you want.
    If thats the FB3, you still can run QuickShow.
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    Correct; any FB3 will run QuickShow and can be upgraded to run BEYOND via a license file; QuickShow will also continue to work although you can't run both applications at the same time. :D