USB 2.0 CAT5 Extender with FB03 - any experiences?

Discussion in 'Lasershow Designer BEYOND' started by Stingray, Mar 26, 2015.

  1. Stingray

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    my QM2000 was modified to QM2000.NET so I can put it on stage and connect it with only one network-cable instead of ILDA-cable with large connectors (and not as good to handle like network cable).

    So now I also want to put my FB03 on stage (actually there are two FB03, in some weeks it will be three) and connect it with a second network cable (instead of three ILDA-cable).

    So my idea is to use an USB 2.0 CAT5 Extender with a maximum of 480Mbit/s High Speed:

    So my question is if someone has experience with such an extender:
    - is the speed high enough to serve two or three FB03 over one "USB"-line?
    - are all of the FB03 detected with the hub and can Beyond detect them while using only one USB-port at the laptop?
    - is the connection reliable or could there be dropouts or flicker or stuttering frames?

  2. Stingray

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    Ok, after some time of searching I decided for the Startech USB Extender (and also built a "little" housing around to have a solution for every needed application =) ).

    With (at the moment) three FB03 it works absolutely perfect.

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  3. Flyingpictures

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    Hi Reinhardt,
    We run those units will good results.
    Up to 6 on each so far, but usually 4.
    We run a PSU at each end of the line for stability.
    Beyond loses the Startech/Icron unit sometimes while setting up, but unplug the USB to PC and replug sorts it out. Stable in show mode.
    Your box looks good.
    Is that something you'd sell?
  4. Stingray

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    Hi Jeff,

    what do you mean with "while setting up"?
    Are there problems only while starting Beyond or while setting up projectors? Or what "setting up"?
    Until now, I didn´t recognize any problems, equal if setting up or running show...

    No, sorry, the box is a handmade single piece; no professional / commercial part.
    I ordered the housing from a producer here in Germany, I can send you the CAD data if you want... All other parts are standard compponents. ;)

  5. Flyingpictures

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    When we are messing with zones and projector assignments, we will lose connection to 1 or 2 FB3's on a Startech and require replugging.
    I can't recall any issues since running PSU at both ends.

    I would be interested in looking at the CAD if you don't mind.
    I'll PM you. Ta.