USB CABLES and "drop-outs"

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    It is quite well known to me that if you are having ANY trouble with drop-outs etc , no matter of hardware or supplier and its use, to always try a new USB cable or one at a different length,
    (not always just shorter as it can 'correct millisecond or partial timing issues in a small range').

    Try different ports too (it is unlikely...but they can differ, particularly on machines with various chip sets, or it might just hate your USB 3 or something else like that...always worth a try-).

    Your hardware may not have all the self adjusting communication tech it needs for the cable etc or its just a very noisy cable make-up ! or it MAY WELL just prefer a specific length too ! and that length or cable type/shielding , may NOT be what was supplied with your device !

    I have found the same with HDMI cables on 4k TV`s too.

    Good Luck-)