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  1. class4studio

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    I´m trying to find some information about SMPTE configuration inside Beyond.
    I don´t find too much about it, even in the manual.

    I´m trying to sync the Beyond with SMPTE code using a USB MOTU Micro Express that i know is working good with the Showtime software.

    Inside Beyond only COM1 and COM2 appears so i think that is just for serial hardware and not for USB.

    Someone can tell me if the MOTU Micro Express or other USB interfaces are working with Beyond ?.

    If not wich are the possibilities ?, many thanks.
  2. Aaron@Pangolin

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    For BEYOND to see timecode your device must get a COM port. Test the COM ports you see listed in BEYOND and your TC device should respond. If it does you will then need to set your Timeline show to look for TC information. In Timeline mode, under the "File" menu click Show Properties, click Time Code Input, then "Enable incoming Time Code".
  3. class4studio

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    This MOTU device doesn´t has COM port, just USB.

    I was testing the sync using MIDI timecode with the native SMPTE reader of the MOTU and runs really good, at least i have a solution.

    Many thanks for your information, helps me alot :)
  4. Toby

    Toby Beta Tester

    USB TC device

    Has anyone had any luck getting the USB Motu micro express to show up in Beyond?
  5. LMFX

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    Hi Toby

    I use the Micro Express with Beyond and it works fine. The 1st factory preset is all you need. SMPTE goes into the Micro, converts it to MTC, and then the MTC goes into Beyond. So you just need to set up the Micro as one of the Beyond Midi devices and make sure you have timecode input enabled.

    In reverse it works fine as well. MTC out of Beyond, and the Micro converts it into SMPTE for output.
  6. laserpeter

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    Beyond and MOTU micro express

    Hi LMFX,
    I try also to use Beyond and MOTU micro express.
    But no conversion from MTC to LTC in the MOTU unit? ;o(
    I use the Preset 2 (25 fps) and the settings in Beyond is:
    MIDI Device Settings > Device 4 In = "Micro: Sync In-Out All"
    MIDI Device Settings > Device 4 Out = "Micro: Sync In-Out All"
    Configuration > Timecode Out = MIDI Device 4 > 25 fps
    Show Properties > Timecode Out = Activated

    If I start the show, I can see the green Timecode info for outgoing MTC!
    Also all 6 MIDI channels at the front from micro express flashing.
    But no "TACH" or "Lock" by SYNC ...
    Also I installed newest driver from MOTU for Windows7 x64.
    What's wrong?

    Best regards from Germany
  7. Toby

    Toby Beta Tester

    It works just fine :)