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    I need help !!! I feel this forum is a bit quiet, but I wanna try my luck here as i googled throughout the whole day & cant get any help:( Show is tomorrow !!!

    I want to know how can I use 2 QM2000 together? I've mounted the 2 cards inside, the system also checked it & its OK, but how can i use it together?
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    Why Google when you have a great help file
    Look at the help file for Projection Zones
    In short each track can be assigned to any projection zone
    You do that by pressing the button at the right of the track – where you see the track number
    And than you can assign any projection zone to any projector
    You do that from the menu of show time
    - Settings – projection zones –
    If you have a logo on track 1 –you assign track 1 to zone 1 – main graphics –

    Than you can have a wave on track 2 – you assign track 2 to zone 4 – atmospheric effects

    Now you go to – settings – projections zones – you select zone 1 assign it to scanner 1 and adjust size and position of your logo
    Then you go to zone 4 assign it to scanner 2 and adjust size and position of your wave

    Don’t forget to read the help file