Using a joystick to move around abstracts live

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    HI All

    1. How do I setup a joystick in beyond? What Joystick is recommended as compatible for purchase?
    2. can I move graphics and animation with it like I would with the AP40 Mk2 postion x position y? I can do this now but using knobs does not cut it a joystick allows for some cool live effects with abstracts.

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    I purchased a logitech F310 and set it up in Beyond I see the numbers changing when I move the sticks around and push buttons so the software sees it. From what I am seeing on the forum this subject does not seem to be a favorite of the software support folks here. I would think you should be able to move frames and abstracts around with the stick Position X and Y. I can do it on the AP40 MK2 with encoder knobs.

    Anyway it was fun seeing the numbers move in the configuration page but that is about all I could do with it. I saw the information on using it in the LD2000 classic abstract generator assigning inputs to the buttons. I think we would need something similar in the live section of beyond to manipulate frame positions.

    I know I am opening a can of worms here. but it would be nice to have that ability within live control.
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    There was a thread back in 2014 by POD he did exactly what I am trying to do but he was using it as a follow spot. He said he was going to post a tutorial but the trail goes cold from there.

    Hi Guys

    Just got it working with a joystick, and the fire button activates the beam so if you let go of the joystick the beam stops :), I'll post a tutorial soon but no need for midi ;)

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    How did you get the fire button mapped?