Using Audio From Timeline to control effect parameters

Discussion in 'Lasershow Designer BEYOND' started by diogo terra vargas, Oct 16, 2020.

  1. diogo terra vargas

    diogo terra vargas New Member

    I'm wondering if is possible to use the audio from my timeline to control the effect parameters. I saw this question was done in the Pangolin Forum in 2015, and the Pangolin team answered that it would be available soon. Is it already possible?
  2. Igor Strakhov

    Igor Strakhov Staff Member

    You can try at least 3 tools to do this.
    Use the "Input" field to select one of the 3 options

    Don't forget to select the correct Audio device and enable "Recording" on the "Audio" tab/
  3. diogo terra vargas

    diogo terra vargas New Member

    Ooops, thanks, but this is not my question. :D
    I'm asking about using the audio file on my timeline as an input to control the effect's parameters.
    I know Audio in Frequency as the input for control parameters, but I didn't want to have to output the audio from the computer and return input again to be able to use it on Beyond Advanced.
    Is there already a solution in the software tools on how I can do this?

  4. Joe Ricci

    Joe Ricci New Member

    I would love to see this functionality as well. Using live audio input would not work for us as we export all of our timeline content to the FB4s and control via ArtNet. Back in the day, we fed an audio signal into an envelope follower circuit that could control the modulation on our P-4 image generator console.
  5. Igor Strakhov

    Igor Strakhov Staff Member

    On some computers, the "audio input"-"audio output" loop is implemented as a built-in device called a stereo mixer.
    If I understand you correctly, there is no such device on your computer?
    In this case, you can try using a Virtual Audio cable.