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    What if you need to run a multi laser show where the projectors can be several hundred feet apart (IE on top of a stadium or on top multiple buildings in a down town city.) I can imagine running hundreds of feet of DB25 or CAT5 cables but what about a private wireless setup?

    If money was no object, what would be the best options for a network setup for a show with long distances between projectors? How would you network your show if you were tasked to do so?
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    I've used microwave radio systems before with great success. They are the kind of things used to extend networks many kilometres.

    But saying that, I used them with Showtime - the old systems used to take ages to load the LD session and all the frames, but ran the show just fine. The newer systems are so quick you don't even realise there is a radio link in them. I can't see why you'd have a problem with Beyond on it.

    Just don't stand too close to the front of the aerials..... They can be quite powerful and very focussed. ;)
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    Can you provide some details of your equipment setup? Thanks.