Using The Software Without the QM2000 Card

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    DEE_JAY_NAT New Member

    I am wondering if there is any way to use lasershow designer and showtime to design and create frames without having the dac card installed in the computer. We only own 1 card and want to be able to program shows when the card is being used by my business partner.
  2. Pangolin

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    Right now there is no way to do that. This is because all frames and show content are retained in the QM2000 memory, so as to not consume PC memory and give the best performance possible.

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    William Benner
    Pangolin Laser Systems
  3. markd

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    So maybe we need to wait for a 2008 update to the software that has an "Offline" design option.... :D
  4. HollywoodDog

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    I'm kinda new here... but does this mean that I CANT design on my laptop while sitting around on long flights???
  5. Pangolin

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    If you want to use LD2000 on an airplane, the best way to do is is to use a MAGMA, and an external battery that powers the MAGMA. That's how you would have to do it right now, especially if you were riding in coach. If you are riding in Business Class, then you could run the QM2000.NET plugged into the AC outlet on many business-class flights.

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    William Benner
  6. 300EVIL

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    I personally think it would be very cool to have a USB dongle, (for a reasonable price) that would allow you to design and save frames and shows without the need of a QM-2000 connected.
  7. Stuka

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    GREAT idea!!
  8. 300EVIL

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    Hey Randy,
    Yeah, I think this would be a good move for Pangolin and would go over well with their customers. Being able to design shows without the need of a QM-2000 opens up the LD-2000 software suite for demo purposed and would allow programmers to design shows with ease.

    Pricing should be structured accordingly I think. Here's my train of thought. People with QM-2000's should have one dongle included or for a small "upgrade" fee. For people without a QM2000, the price should be higher but you get a "rebate" if you purchase a QM-2000 in the future.

    Ofcourse I have no idea what it would take code wise to implement this but, I do think it would be safe to say that the LD-2000 suite could use the computers RAM for creating shows as most new computers average 2GB of RAM.

    Their may be software security issues with the use of a dongle that are beyond my knowledge however, I think the newest encrypted dongles do offer an extensive amount of security. Either way, I personally believe the "ease of show creation" is paramount to Pangolin's continued success.

    BTW, this is just an idea. Pangolin knows what's best for Pangolin. They have obviously done a very good job over the years doing what they do. :cool: