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  1. twilo200

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    Can anyone give me some good affordable options to use a touchscreen with my laptop to run quickshow. I only have usb. It seems like there are no full size usb touchscreen monitors.

    I have a 3M microtouch touchscreen, but it is not compatable with a laptop that I can tell. Dell has a ultrabook with touchscreen, but the cost is $900.
  2. Bob@Pangolin

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    You could check Ebay.

    They sell usb touchscreen panels that you can put on a monitor for as low as 40$.

  3. Stuka

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    You might want to look into some of the touchscreen monitors made by ELO -

    several folks on PhotonLexicon are using them for that exact purpose.

    Standard VGA video, so they should work with most laptops, with a USB connection driving the touchscreen.

    Should still be available in 15" and 17" displays...
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