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  1. Sid Sloth

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    Hi is it possible to do geometric on video u saw the tile scale on event tab but is it possible to send to a zone then re size then send to video out or make the geometric in effects tab work on video have tried many different was I did see it work for emu but not video
  2. ENOT

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    Hi Sid,

    It is not possible for Video. We do not have a solution for this so far.

  3. LaserFan

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    If someone would write a plugin to send the Beyond video window, for example, to Resolume, there you could solve all these problems.
    For example, the Spout plugin. I unfortunately do not have the necessary skills and knowledge
  4. Raider

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    it would be very useful, we who work with video and laser forward to this
  5. Sid Sloth

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    Hi have found a simple solution to this using a 3rd party software I managed to warp the video by placing draving the video to external screen/projector then can easy warp or soft edge blend etc. cost only 150 euro
  6. We do lots of combined Laser/Video Shows and use Beyond with Resolume or Modul8/Madmapper. We use SMPTE to sync both systems and find it the best solution after lots of experimenting.
  7. LaserFan

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    YousriLaseronics, could you elaborate a bit how do you transfer Beyond video window to Resolume?
  8. I run my Lasergraphics and Beams through Showtime or Beyond and run my Video through Resolume (before i used MadMApper with Modul8). Both accept SMPTE30 so i trigger both with SMPTE and it works well.
    I am using for Showtime the TC2000 from Pangolin.

    At the moment i am triggering DMX Flames also through SMPTE using Sunlite Suite 2 from Nicolaudie.

    So i have 3 different elements in my shows using SMPTE.

    I ventured a little bit into synchronizing with MIDI, but decided that SMPTE works better and easier for me.
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    send Beyond video output to resolume (again)

    Hi guys,

    I didn't manage to understand how to do the task to get out video from Beyond and send it to another software like resolume to do some kind of video mapping. What I mean is NOT a video used in the timeline, I mean the whole output including cues , which is send from beyond e.g. to a "video projector"-device instead of a real laser projector

    You guys are talking about SMPTE, that was new to me, but as I found out that this is used to sychronize video outputs (when i understand right).
    But how can I GET the video stream from beyond to send (or stream) it out ?

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