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    Hi all,

    I wanted to let you know that we've created a series of tutorial videos covering the basics of BEYOND 3D. You can find them here:

    Chapter 1: The fundamentals
    Chapter 2: The look on the laser
    Chapter 3: Simple solid objects
    Chapter 4: Animating objects and properties
    Chapter 5: Curves and Splines
    Chapter 6: Lathe and Extrude objects
    Chapter 7: Putting it all together
    Chapter 8: Saving 3D files

    As you will be able to see, BEYOND 3D is really pretty deep. The collection of tutorials is over an hour and a half, and it barely scratches the surface. It does not get into the animation editor itself, lights, shading, shadows, textures, creating your own 3D objects, importing from others, etc. But it should give a good foundation, and I think once the foundation is in place, you can successfully explore the other features.

    As time permits, we'll produce another series of videos about the advanced topics touched on above.

    By the way, BEYOND 3D is similar to Cinema 4D in many respects, and you might also check out the "Creative Cow Maxon Cinema 4D Podcast" available at the iTunes store. The most interesting ones will be the Cinema 4D Bootcamps with four topics: Interface, Animation, Modeling, and Texturing.

    Best regards,

    William Benner
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    wow !:eek: Thanks for that video !!!
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    Cinema 4

    Hi William
    Cinema4D doesn't convert to fbx and beyond only imports FBX. Do you have a Plugin I don't know about?
    Let me know cheers mate