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  1. ravng

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    Hi guys!
    I am a collector of Vintage Commodore equipment.

    Yesterday I recieved two new Commodore machines (bought for parts since the where in poor state). One A3000 and one A500.

    Inside the A3000 there was a Quadmod 16 card, and some quick research brought me here. Unfortunally the A3000 did not come with a harddrive.

    While looking at the A500 I found some weird stuff, and I wonder if this might be laser controll as well.
    On the outside I found this modded connector:


    And on the inside I found this unofficial mod:


    This "addon" card was soldered to the audio circuit on the motherboard, and as far as I understand the LSD1000 software used the audio circuit for controll? The chip on the card is marked MC1458N 92A305.

    This A500 had a harddrive installed, but I have not yet tried to power it up, hopefully it still contains the software used.

    If any of you guys have any experience with using Amiga with Pangolin software I would love to hear from you.

    Would be very fun getting one of this machines up and running with some cheap china lasers.

    Here is the Zorro card from the A3000:

    Just found this:

    So yes the A500 was indeed used for Laser... So how to connect it :)
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  2. Aaron@Pangolin

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    Nice find!

    Too old for my experience but I did forward your email along. :cool:
  3. ravng

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    Just got the good old Amiga 500 up and running, and it did indeed have the Light Show Desisnger (LSD1000) installed.
  4. zerowaitstate

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    Lol wish I could say this was pre me but I actually had an A1000 compleat with designers signatures on the lid .probably a collectable now.

    Is also reveals that two of my fav apps had their roots in the humble Amiga newtek with light wave and now now pangolin with LSD ......too cool. If you need any general Amiga support questions in the future I may be able to help.