Virtual LJ on 2nd FB3 ( zone ? )

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    Dear Laser Friends,

    I just bought a 2nd FB3 for my 2nd and 3th laser fixtures. ( before i just linked and mirrored them all three together ) Everything works fine, and i was even releaved when i discovered that i could set my 2nd module to his own projection zone..( in my case zone 2, scanner 2 main ) The reason for this is that i was making a show with the Quick Timeline module, and could easaly add a aditional track for just my new zone this way, and all is working perfectly.

    But... Hou do i use those the two zones seperatly when i'm just playing around with the frames and animations? I noticed that i can alter the properties of any given frame/animation to use a different zone, but then i have to re-organize everything and do a lot of copy and pasting..I guess.

    And that will bring my to my primary question; what i really want to know ( as my title suggests) ; is how to let Quick Show use both my modules seperatly with the Virtual LG mode on. Virtaul LJ only uses the standard zones, witch gives me only signal to my first module ( in my case zone 1 ) I want Virtual LJ to use both my modules ( zone 1 and 2 ) to do things seperatly from each other with different animations. So hou do i tell Virtual LJ that i have 2 moduless to feed?

    Im i doing something wrong with the projection zones?
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    The only way to do this would be to remake a workspace page with QuickCapture cues that contain multiple cues, routed to different zones, and you have set the QuickCapture to "prevent re-routing".

    You will need to do this for each cue you want to have different content routed to multiple zones.

    When you are done you will have a workspace page of cues, that contain two animations in it, going to different zones so you can run Virtual LJ and get what you are asking about.
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    Tnx Aaron, Although that was not exxactly what i was looking for, you made me realize that i could achieve much better and more complex results that way. Way more than i was aiming at. I can even include DMX patterns this way. totaly happy with your answer.. Somehow i forgot about the quickcapture options..

    Takes a lot of time though. But it's worth the effort.