Virtual midi controller Touch OSC.

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  1. mkobzar

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    This is awesome controller, works on iOS and android smartphones and tablets


    You can create and edit any interface with any types of controls for any software, which support OSC and MIDI protocols.

    I use Akai APC40MK2 as main controller, and ipad as second controller just for quickFX.

    You can try my templates. Thanks!

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  2. MeaningOfLights

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    Thanks for the tip, I use a Surface 3 Pro and have TeamViewer on my phone which works ok with the Keyboard showing.
  3. Bob@Pangolin

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    Love what im seeing here ;)

    Nice mkobzar,

    If you make a zip file containing your template and the screenshot and upload it to under your own account, ill make sure it ends up in the right category with credits to you obviously..!!
    Hate to have such nice things on an external file host if we can host it our selfs :)

    Best reg;

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  4. zerowaitstate

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    I have used Touch ocs to integrate iPad conTrOl for martIn mpc lighting software in the past. I see there are beyond file in the archive , is there some TouchOSC files to be loaded as templates, or am I missing step. I have configured TouchOSC and see data in the ocs monitor as I toggle buttons and sliders , but no layout are action happening in beyond. Any guidance appreciated
  5. Bob@Pangolin

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  6. noonoo

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    Hello mkobzar,
    It would be great, if you could offer you could also offer your .touchosc-file.
    In your rar-Archive I just can find the .BeyondMS and .BeyondMidiMap file.
    As you named one file witch 'osc' in itt i hoped to get some examples.
    At the moment I use selff-created OSC-commands, because I don't unterstand the way Pangolin accepts them.
  7. zerowaitstate

    zerowaitstate Well-Known Member

    I also found this confusing, not being able to load the ocs as per the sample image, in the post.

    the link provided by Bob, will get you up and going, It involves the install of some third party apps and config them to allow the touch ocs layout to run beyond, they seem to be the same for quick show or beyond