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How do you use Pangolin software during your Performance

  1. Macbook with Windows on an virtual machine?

  2. Macbook with Windows on Bootcamp?

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  3. Generic Laptop with Windows on an VM running .. win/linux

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  4. Generic Laptop with Windows.

  5. Other.. Please Specify :) ..

  1. Bob@Pangolin

    Bob@Pangolin Staff Member

    Hi Guys, Im curious how many people use Pangolin Software on an virtual machine.
  2. fdgbrwetg

    fdgbrwetg New Member

    Pangolin QS runs fine on Linux running on a VirtualBox VM with a virtualized Windows XP, but it didn't work with wine. It's sad it doesn't run directly on Linux but until there is a native version some day it's the only way to run it.