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    i'm using the vst 2000 for live performance,whit raster tracing,but i have a lot of audio delay! I use the video format at 320x240 because i need a good image, (at 80x60 is not good!)a P3 1ghz processor and 128 mb of QM2000 memory.
    The video board is VIDEOCON.
    Is there someone that can help me please?
    Can i work at 320x240 for live raster tracing?
    I need a better PC ?
    I have to change my video capture board?
    Do you know another one better?
  2. Pangolin

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    Are you really using VST2000 or are you using the newer VST2002? If you are using VST2000 I highly recommend you update your system to VST2002 because it is much better.

    There may very well be a delay and this would be caused by the time needed for the computer and software to generate the output from live video. For vector outlines this delay should be minimal, but for raster output this delay may be on the order of 1/8 second or so, depending on the output raster resolution.

    Best regards,

    William Benner
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  4. nicdifo

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    I did a mistake because i'm just using the lastest version 3.1 of VST2002 (I'm sorry!).
    How can i solve my delay problem ?
    I need a speedest PC, or another video capture board?
    I have another problem; the number of FPS while i'm tracing a raster from a video(.AVI)source isn't costant. I want to set a costant number of FPS,is very important for me, how can i do???
    Is there some setting for this operation ?
  5. Pangolin

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    While VST2002 works pretty well for many situations, it does have certain limitations. It could be that you have run up against one of these limitations or you have some special-case application. It may be possible to use VST2002 for your application, or this may require some other software.

    It is hard for me to completely gage what might be going on because the description of your problem and application is pretty vague. We can continue trying to figure it out on this forum, but I am afraid that to do so will be slow and ultimately unproductive. It might work a lot better to continue in private email or even by phone.

    If you are possibly able to, I recommend that you phone us here at Pangolin at (407) 299-2088, preferably after 2PM. Otherwise, please send email to laser@pangolin.com

    Best regards,

    William Benner
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    Is there a published "Certified third-party capture cards" listing for VST2002, like there is for Adobe Premiere?

    Adobe Premiere Certified third-party capture cards

    A list like this would be helpfull for people to know which capture cards work with VST2002.

    John Birchman
  7. Pangolin

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    Hi John,

    You raise a good point, although I am afraid that it is not really practical for Pangolin to purchase or otherwise acquire every possible video board, test it for success, and report our findings. Unlike Adobe, video is a small part of our overall business (and unlike Premiere VST2002 is a free product).

    Nevertheless, we do list around a half dozen video boards that work in the VST2002 help file, and also give some guidelines on what definitely does not work (firewire-based units). I am sure that more than those listed will work and in fact, Mike Dunn reports that even his old "snappy" will work.

    VST2002 conforms to the Video For Windows (VFW) standard. Theoretically, any video capture device that supports this will work. We have noticed that not all devices support VFW.

    I am hoping that users will report their successes or difficulties in this forum. As we collect more information, we will keep the help file up to date.

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    Hi everyone,

    I'm still having issues with a hardware conflict. The only thing I haven't tried, is reinstalling windows.

    I am using a 650mhz dell lattitude, with C/dock2 docking station. I'm using a hauppauge wintv card, not sure which model it is, but it has a little S-Video port, and when I had it working on another machine, the Svideo port was the only port that would give data to VST.

    Bill, I'm alittle stumped on how to generate and send you the Log file.

  9. Pangolin

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    You can generate a pair of log files for both VST2002 and LivePRO if you go to the command prompt, then change directories to the LD2000\VST2002 directory and type "VST2002.EXE -LOG"

    It will generate two text files that you can then send to me in an email.

  10. Guest

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    We found that the Dell docking station does not provide enough bandwith for video capture. I'm about to try a usb capture device.
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    I noticed that this is a very old thread but as a new user of the forum I looked around a bit.

    Anyway, if someone still has problems with audio delay :

    As long as the audio is behind the picture (because of prosessing of the picture) the easiest way would probably be to buy a cheap digital delay. The ones used in PA sound systems.

    Put it between the audio output and the amplifiers and turn off the directsound and set feedback to minimum. Adjust the delay.

    Well, at least I get credit for the post, it's a long way to king laserist.

    - JR -
    (actually Rookie laserist at the moment)