VST2002 with WinTV - Device is already in use...

Discussion in 'Lasershow Designer 2000' started by robinflow, Jan 17, 2005.

  1. robinflow

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    Hi all!
    I've got a problem with the WinTV card I've installed to the computer. It says "device is already in use by another software. Try switching it off by right clicking on its icon on the tray: and choose "Pause Services"" Now my problem is possibly that WinTV software is taking over its card, and it doesn't let VST2002 to work. As I don't have an icon on the ashtray, I couldn't switch its services off - I was looking for thi option everywhere in the program, but I couldn't find anything. Now as a last possibility I can try uninstalling the software, and keep only the driver for the card, but this possibility is not the best, as we would use both wintv and VST2002 sometimes. So if anyone has got any idea about solving this problem, please help!
  2. robinflow

    robinflow New Member

    My error message is the following:
    Video Capture Driver Error
    Can't open video capture driver

    I've installed the latest video vapture driver for the WinTV, and also tried not to install the software but only the driver for the card. Still doesn't work, which is strange regarding that Hauppauge WinTv is recommended for VST2000 or VST2002.
    Did anyone have the same problem?
  3. Vivian

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    Does the tv card works well?
    Did you close all related programs and processes related to it on the Device Manager?
    Have you tried the setup on another computer? preferably a bare operating system, with Pangolin and the video card?