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    Among many kinds of WAV formats, which is the best or the proper one which perfectly works with Pangolin LD2000 ???
    I had some WAV files which for example is not seen i the timeline, other doesn't play any sound also...
    Actually I have an "hidden" problem with a file, so I was wondering it could be something in the codec...

    Anyway... In Adobe Audition I have many WAV formats so I'm asking if this could be the issue...

    Thanks for any help and suggestion.

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    Dear Giuseppe,

    Both Alexey and I tried to send you emails about this, but our emails to you bounced. It seems that your email inbox was full...

    Nevertheless, let me tell you that both Showtime.EXE and Showtime_M.EXE (and you should try both, if you are ever having troubles with multimedia), use Microsoft technology to playback the media. So, it means that as long as something like Windows Media Player can reliably play the media, Showtime should be able to play it as well.

    You asked about Codec packs. Alexey said he likes the K-lite codec pack. I've not used that one, but I have used FFDShow in the past.

    For me, generally what comes with a PC works fine, so I generally don't go in search of alternative codecs. But if you want to explore alternatives, you can look at K-lite and FFD.

    Best regards,

    William Benner
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    Hi Giuseppe


    PCM, 16bit stereo, 44.1khz. You will find the file ends up about 1Mb per minute of audio.

    Using a WAV is better than other compressed formats for a couple of reasons:

    1: The sound quality is better as it is uncompressed (CD quality).
    2: A WAVs waveform will display above the timelines in Showtime unlike if you use an mp3 for example.