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  1. wavetrain

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    First of all hello to all Pangolin users. :)
    My question is will buying a USB booster make any difference to the output signal for my lasers?
    I have noticed that the tracking of the laser does not always "flow" according to what is displayed. Of course there is scanning speed and scan angle to consider. Mine are 25k.
    Am I asking too much and need to go ethernet for ultra smoothness?

    Equipment: 25k scanners. Fujitsu Siemens laptop 2 gig RAM. 1.6 Hz Duo Core.
    USB type 2.

    Regards to all.
  2. smokeAndMirrors

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    Man that is one SLOW lappy %)
  3. Stuka

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    Try turning off any background programs, possibly even turning off your anti-virus software while running QuickShow.

    Don't use a bus-powered USB hub - better yet, connect the FB3 directly to a USB port on your computer.

    If non of these help, try turning off laser preview.

    Provided the hardware is functioning correctly, your laptop should work fine - you might just have to turn off a few thing to get it running smoothly.

  4. wavetrain

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    Yea!! its a bit slow...
  5. wavetrain

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    Thanks Stuka!
    Got another one for you!
    I have a little 500mw blue I met someone with a 1watt blue but it doesn't look twice as powerful. Also I have noticed in recent months the introduction of much more powerful lasers "on the scene" raves etc.. my 500 has been blasted out by 3 of my competitors/friends with 1 watt blue. The area they are used in is medium size and no safety calculations are made. Definately no laser light meters used. Class 4 lasering isnt it but I suppose class 4 with much higher power say 4-6 watts and upwards is where one should really be concerned? And blue is not as dangerous as red is it.