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    FB4 is a new network hardware control platform from Pangolin. Some hardware renderings and photos of this are attached for your reference. This is just the first version of FB4. Additional versions of FB4, including a standalone version, will be released shortly as well.

    FB4 will support our BEYOND and QuickShow software, and is a “modular” hardware that can be customized, to meet your needs.

    You will notice in the attached photos, that the hardware has optional ILDA (in and through) and DMX (in and through) daughterboards. These can be added to the main board or removed, depending on what you want. This also has implications on the price of the system… If you don’t need the daughterboards, the price is a bit less. This works with DMX, ArtNET, OSC, RDM.

    With FB4, you can run in “streaming mode” from our software. Meaning you simply have your PC running the software, and run the network cable from the PC, to the FB4, and you can control your show this way. But you can also do much more… The hardware has on-board SD card memory as well. So you can create your show, cues, workspace, etc. in our software, and then you can export this to the hardware’s SD card, and then trigger it remotely via DMX or ArtNet, from a lighting console or DMX control board.

    In addition to that, you can also create your content, and then export to the SD card, and then trigger the show from the display on the back of the hardware, in “auto-play” mode. The display on the back, is similar to the “live control” area of our software. So you can control a variety of projector parameters such as geometric correction, size, position, rotation, color and color power, brightness, safety features and more.

    More details and information to come.

    The first units are shipping at the end of May, and we are accepting pre-orders now. Contact us for more details!
  2. First of all congratulations with this new product which looks very interesting and promising indeed. I think the FB4 would greatly improve the user friendliness of my laser projectors and make them more versatile , so I am really interested.

    One question if I may: suppose I would integrate the basic version (without Ilda/dmx cards) in a projector, how could this control the laser units and scanners? Wouldn't you always need the Ilda boards?
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    If you embed the FB4 Inside the projector. You do not need any "ilda board".

    Basically, you connect your scanner amp(s), laser diode drivers, shutters and other equipment, directly onto the FB4.

    Except for the "ILDA add-on board", the FB4 is ILDA Cable free.

    The Ilda cable, defines a standard analog connection pin layout to control lasers and as there is no ILDA cable this all is irrelevant.
    So basically you can have QuikShow and or BEYOND running the FB4 through standard Ethernet lan, and connect your internal parts to the FB4.

    PC >> LAN Ethernet >> FB4 >> [ connects to all internal components ]
    I think the data sheet will shed more light on this topic.
    As soon as we have the complete diagram we will publish this on the product page of the FB4.

    Best regards,

    Team Pangolin
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