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  1. WolfMax

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    ... an Android/Raspberry Pi/Arduino app that can play QS shows via the FB3 to facilitate a stand-alone unit for FB3-QS users (I know there is the SE but that is designed for projector internal use and also has to have added boards for USB connection and differential X/Y output). The app could be made to conform to the licencing requirements just as QS is to prevent it being used for control of counterfeit versions of FB3.
    QS would still be required to create the show (qshw format) which could then be saved to SD card
    I mention Android as a tablet or phone with USB port would work but I am in the main thinking of Raspberry PI or Arduino with SD card and USB shields attached.
    I searched the forum for mention of these but did not find any. So, I'm assuming this has not been asked about before?

    What do people think?
  2. Bob@Pangolin

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    I think, better solutions will come.
  3. WolfMax

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    Is that a knowing hint or an assumption based on technology always advancing?
  4. Aaron@Pangolin

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    Knowing hint... ;)
  5. WolfMax

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    Nudge, nudge ,Wink, wink, say no more!

    Sounds interesting, waiting with bated breath!
  6. WolfMax

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    I'm assuming now you meant the FB4. However, that is like the FB3-SE where it is designed to be built in to a projector and run pre-programmed shows, albeit with inbuilt laser controls.

    So I have a new question, can a show loaded onto an FB4 also control another projector attached via the FB4's ILDA port but playing a different show track? e.g FB4 does graphics while the ILDA connected projector does beams.
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  7. Pangolin

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    Two separate FB4s would be needed, just as two separate FB3s would be needed in the scenario you wrote about above (two separate types of images coming from two separate controllers).