What do you love about BEYOND?

Discussion in 'Lasershow Designer BEYOND' started by MeaningOfLights, May 19, 2016.

  1. MeaningOfLights

    MeaningOfLights Active Member

    I'll go first;

    I love putting together laser timelines on-the-fly while the music is playing.
  2. class4studio

    class4studio Well-Known Member

    The concept, interface, script control, Pangolin Universe .... :)
  3. BillWX

    BillWX Member

    I'm still learning Beyond, after being a long time user of LD2000/Showtime. What I really like is not having to create frames in one program, saving, then importing them into Showtime. It's all consolidated and I can just add stuff as I go along. If I suddenly realize I need another graphic or a trace, I can just do it and save it right there. No "switching programs". Not to mention, many effects can be done on the main timeline and not having to add a bunch of effects lines.
    That said, I MISS being able to save a preview of a show as an AVI/video file and I kind of liked some of the color/extrude/warping features built into LD2000 that either I can't find in Beyond yet - or they weren't carried over.

  4. slaavi

    slaavi Member

    The "support" of Kinect..
  5. lasershow-creation

    lasershow-creation Active Member

    - The almost unlimited ways and features to manipulate frames.
    - The intiutive way of creating a timeline based show and the feasibility to step into deepest detail programming for "hardcore users".
    - The implemented 3D features (in B3D)
    - The excellent support whenever even the smallest question/issue pops up.
    - and many more...

    ... and the fact, that there are still many many people out there, who for sure already know that Beyond is the strongest software platform on the market, but simply still are not willing to admit... ;)