What features become available in differnt versions of Beyond .

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  1. Satchmo

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    Where can I find a list of all the main special features of the three versions of Beyond and what is unique to each version ( not well expressed I know ! ) ?

    I see certain features of Beyond which are appealing but until I know with what version they come with I'm not sure yet of the advantage over Quickshow of jumping to the lowest cost version of Beyond - the features I have seen that interested me may not be part of the basic version of Beyond.

  2. Bob@Pangolin

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    Hi Satchmo,

    This is still needs to be determined.
    As soon as we know, will make sure you know. :)
  3. Satchmo

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    Hi Bob

    Let me try another tack :)

    Does the version advertised at $1400 with FB3 have the enhanced reality laser preview as seen in this video for a large commercial show in Germany ?


    Can you clarify if Beyond has been actually released, I know there are people over here using it?
  4. Bob@Pangolin

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    ERP is available in all our professional software.

    Beyond, LD2000 and Livepro.

    The movie that you refer to, is made with Beyond Special Launch Edition. The event video in the movie is made in the Netherlands, @ Qlimax to be exact.

    At the moment Beyond Special Launch Edition is on the market.
    The Special Launch Edition features all functions!.
    (And where still adding new ones every day)

    As soon as we launch Beyond 2.x the software levels will be determined.
    (It was called Intro, Basic and Pro in the Laser Designer 2000 software series)

    From that moment on you will receive Beyond updates that meet the criteria of the license you originally purchased.

    We will also stop updating Beyond Special Launch Edition and continue to update Beyond 2.x. New features that are added to Beyond after version 2.x, will be based on the purchased license..

    However, his does not mean you loose the Beyond Special Launch Edition!!

    Install Beyond version 2.x and up into a new directory and you can use both versions.

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  5. Satchmo

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    Thanks Bob.

    I'm not clear about what you mean by `updates appropriate to the version you have purchased' ? Do you mean that say at the launch of V2 - if you had paid for Special Launch Edition at say $1400 - your license would then be transferred to say the Intro V2 edition ( if that was equivalent cost , unless you paid extra for a higher edition at the release of V2 ?

    Thanks in advance .
  6. Bob@Pangolin

    Bob@Pangolin Staff Member

    Something like that yes.

    If you purchased an "intro" version (if its going to be called like that), from 2.x you will receive "intro" updates.

    But to upgrade your version to "basic" or "pro" you will only need to pay the difference. So thats basic minus 1400$... (this is an example.. ).