What Power Green DPSS Laser System is Workable for Laser Show

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  1. eicnie

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    It is the first time when we are preparing of laser show, I want to make laser show with the most visible 532nm green DPSS laser system. However, When I am search online, only gets recommendation with wide output power range from 500mW to 3W. I am totally puzzled by selecting output power of desired green DPSS laser system.
    What output power is just the correct choice for laser show? I need some suggestion from all users here.
  2. whiteg

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    The link only dpss module, not laser show projector!

    This is difficult question. Can one high power or more low-power laser is a nice show to show.
    Indoor or outdoor? How many people and area size? Graphics or beam show? Dark space or little bit dark? Laser module and scanner specifications important also.
    You can watch lot of laser show video of party and club on youtube.

    -The 1w 532nm green is good choices and cheap, but the 2-3w RGB (full diode) laser show is better.
    -The two 3w RGB laser is better than one 532nm 5w dpss.
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  3. eicnie

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    I have found a lot of laser projectors are selecting RGB laser for laser show. Green DPSS laser seems not enough to the need. I would have to give up my decision, and get new choices of RGB laser once again.
  4. masterpj

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    Depends on the size of venues you are doing.
    I assume you are starter so I'd go with a max of 1watt.

    It's still a lot no matter what other people might tell you. Diodes just have gotten so much stronger but if people tell you this is weak do not believe them! This is a lot of power.

    It will also make the investement lower cost for you and it makes it easier to do a safe lasershow.

    Go for RGB though rather then just one color *unless you are building yourself right away and have no experience.

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