where I can buy a new FB3

Discussion in 'FB series of products' started by flylikemagic, Dec 23, 2010.

  1. flylikemagic

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    Hello and I buy a new system quickshow but i need to buy a extra FB3 for another laser, where I can order that???
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    Hello ,thats mean I had to buy another quickshow to use only the FB3? thanks :) is for controlling 2 lasers 1) for graphics and the second for atmospheric
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    You buy a fb3 which comes with QuickShow.

    Not the other way around :).

    So if you need 5 fb3's you will have 5 installation cd's.
    And 1 QuickShow package can handle up to 9 different FB3's.

    This is done so you can install Quickshow on all your machines.
    The license for the software is your FB3.

    So 2 projectors, then you need 2x fb3's.
    So you need 2 FB3 QuickShow packages in total.
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    perfect thanks :) I do the order now