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    Which Software do I need please ? I don't want to draw images or write text. I just need to convert still and moving images - probably jpegs & avi or mpegs to the format that drives a 50Kpps laser galvanometer to project these images on to a screen. As you can clearly see I'm a newbie. I want the cheapest software possible please. Please help. :confused:
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    you want photo editor tool?
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    QuickShow will do it with still images in common bitmap formats. TraceIT is a free utility which can be used with QuickShow and TraceIT works with video formats as well.

    By the way, as the author of the new book on laser scanners (https://www.amazon.com/dp/069274777X/), I *seriously* doubt that your galvos are really capable of 50K. What I *don't* doubt is that you've seen advertisements claiming such... Be forewarned, many companies in this industry exaggerate their specifications...

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    William Benner
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    To create solid images that don't look like outlines do I need to trace an outline and then fill it in manually to create different levels of shading ? I'm projecting in one colour and I've attached a typical image I'd like to project. Is there a one keystroke (or at least not manual image drawing) function that I can use please ?
    I don't know what Photo Editor or any other tool is capable of. Please edumacate (lol) me.
    Please forget that I said 'cheapest' in my opening post. I should have said 'most user friendly'.

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    Image creation

    Hi William, I'm looking for somebody to commission to prepare some images for payment. Not looking for cheap. Looking for experienced help. Any suggestions please ? regards, Andy
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    Laser almost always looks like outlines. The only exception is "raster" imagery, but the conventional laser show projectors only project very low resolution raster imagery (like 60 by 60 pixels) and usually at a reduced scan angle as well.

    Our more advanced program BEYOND has tools that will let you create raster imagery, and also create true 3D images using the build-in BEYOND 3D, which is a complete 3D animation and modeling program.

    Regarding your question about artists, sure, we can refer you to several artists who do work on a commission basis. I am a little surprised one hasn't already chimed in by now... Nevertheless, how about if you send me an email directly and I will give you a few names and email address. To contact me, use our contact form at www.Pangolin.com/contact and choose William Benner.