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    Wysiwyg connection

    Hi there,
    Does anyone help me to connect QM2000 to Wysiwyg.
    I need to add my show to the Wysiwyg file.
    Also is it possible to add 12 different QM2000 to the program, may i need 12 hardware to do this or just 1 QM2000 is enough to see the show on Wysiwyg? did anyone try this?

    Ozgur Yoruk
    Efektif Laser & Pyrotechnic
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    In C:\LD2000
    launch LCGateway.exe
    Should do the job.. originally this is ment for light converse as a gateway but it might work with realizer as well.

    The program needs to support the lasershow output of Pangolin though!
    Realizer (recommended), Lightconverse are two to name a few.
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