Wide Angle Mounting HW?

Discussion in 'Projection lenses' started by RacerX, Aug 23, 2006.

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    I understand both wideangle projectors include mounting hardware. What exactly is included? Does anyone have a better description?


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    Hi Greg,

    First let me say that for 95% of the applications, we suggest the Discoscan rather than the Dazzler. The Discoscan has no known power handling limitations, is easier to clean, and generally is just a more no-nonsense device for laserists.

    The Discoscan comes with a bracket onto which you can attach the standard Cambridge 6210 X-Y mount. If you are using different scanners, then you will need to adapt this bracket or your scanners' mounting bracket to work. But this is all pretty easy stuff... Basically, if you get the lens perfectly centered over the Y scanner, and about a half centimeter away, you're done.

    It's a pretty cool device, and very unique. It is still the case that not too many people have adopted it, so it provides a very unique "digital mirror ball" effect.

    It also increases the safety of the laser in some ways that might not be intuitive to those who don't understand laser safety. Really that's one of the best things about it to me... We don't have to shove it down laserist's throat on the basis of safety. It increases safety, and people don't really have to understand how or why... They don't even have to know that it does increase safety. It's just providing a very cool and unique effect.

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    William Benner