will it say 40k ?

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    in the QS scanner setup test pattern, the ILDA one you first get to in setup of scanners in the bottom left corner it gives me scanner info , it looks like make or model and speed ,,, looks like DT 30 , my Question is will it show 40 if you have a 40k scanner or will it only go to 30 even if you have 40s because Quick show only goes to 30? please do not guess .
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    No, it will not show 40k. QuickShow is not getting any feedback or information from the scanners to "know" what speed they are. There is no way for the projector to communicate this to the FB3 or for the FB3 to send this information to QuickShow.
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    12/30 k

    than do you know what this is? 12 / 30 k in the bottom right of the scanner set up ?
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    Those are the two "different" ILDA test patterns; one is for 12k testing and one is for 30k testing although most of us use the 12k pattern for 30k testing as they are technically interchangable.
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    Depends on, what scanner work your laser show projector.
    For example:
    If you use 12K scanner then the optimal setting in beam show 10K and Graphics show 12K.
    The 20K scanner beam setting is 16K and Graphics show setting is 20K.
    The 30K scanner beam setting is 24K and Garphics show setting is 30K.

    Important, the scanner maximum speed at small scan angle (6-10 degree). The ilda test pattern use at 8 degree scan angle on scanner maximum speed.
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    You have actually raised a really good question!! A question that is entirely reasonable, especially for someone who hasn't been in the industry so long.

    Those numbers represent what the pattern is supposed to be used for. The pattern is supposed to be used to CHARACTERIZE the scanners -- and, most importantly, only to characterize 30K and 12K scanners. The pattern was never intended for faster scanners (the likelihood of which you have is a different story entirely...)

    Today the old ILDA pattern is causing some problems. Only those who have been in this industry for 20 years or more will remember the history of all of this, why the pattern says this, the benefits, drawbacks, and -- more importantly, when you SHOULD NOT use the pattern.

    Since Pangolin now makes scanners capable of going as fast as 90K, we can now see the problems that this pattern presents. This pattern really can not be used to accurately characterize the performance of scanners other than decades old 12K scanners, or still decades old 30K scanners. Therefore a new pattern is needed.

    Coincidentally, it is Pangolin's CTO who served on the ILDA technical committee so many years ago when this pattern was being developed, and the same guy now designs the new scanners too. So that guy is in a very good position to develop a new pattern, and one that should (based not only on your excellent question but other circumstances) clearly replace all ILDA patterns in Pangolin software.

    The development of a new test pattern for ScannerMAX scanners was already under way. Your question makes it obvious that this pattern will have applications outside of the ScannerMAX division.

    We therefore thank you for the question, and hope that the additional information provided here has been helpful.

    Best regards,

    William Benner