WinAmp 3 and AVS

Discussion in 'Lasershow Designer 2000' started by Flavio Spedalieri, Jul 21, 2003.

  1. Greetings All,

    In regards to WinAmp 3, I am unsertain if its configured correctly to run the AVS/Laser Plug-in...

    In the Help file, it mentions that if you want to load the AVS Laser Plugin as the default (I received this message).

    Further in the helpfile it also mentions how to start AVS/Laser should you be unsure if it has started. For WinAmp 3, there is no longer the option of selecting the actual visulisation plugin - Is this now automatically loading ?

    How can you confirm if the Plugin has been selected ?

    When I do bring up the AVS Screen, I can select the visulisation and see it...

  2. GlennT

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    Hi Flavio,

    I use winamp v5 you should upgrade and use this one.

    Heres how you go about it:

    1) place the file (vis_avs_laser.dll) into the plugins directory of winamp within program files.
    2) open winamp
    2) goto options/visualizations/select plugins
    4) on the left you have the list of options, in the plugins folder theres visualizations, this should be selected already, in the right list you should see the vis_avs_laser.dll plugin.
    5) click on it and press "start"
    6) now that this was the last visualization you ran, next when you restart winamp all you need to do is goto options, visualizations/start/stop plugin. This will toggle between start and stop.

    7) as an additional note, when your using a CD or if you are using an external audio source, theres another plugin that helps with the beat detection, check this, goto options/visualizations/select plugin - now click on the "input" folder within plugins and there should be a plugin called (in_cdda.dll). if its not there let me know Ill email it to you.

    note, if you want to use an external audio source, plug it into your audio input of your audio card, then in winamp select "file/playURL and type in "linein" then click enter.