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    Apologies for what are probably very naive questions, I am a new user, and ran initial tests with a Windows 7 desktop, but have just bought a new laptop and wonder, before I try to install, whether Quickshow 2.5 and the FB3QS drivers are compatible with Windows 10? Couldn't see any specific list of OS compatibility in the product manual or on the box.

    Also, I see updates to the Quickshow software have since become available - are these free or payable updates, please? I bought the product from a dealer ('UKDJ').

    Many thanks for your help and patience with very basic questions.
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    You can download the latest version. Updates of QuickShow are free for life (time of the product) .. If you have our hardware you can upgrade to QuickShow 4 right now by just downloading the latest full version of our webpage. And just for the record, Yes, QuickShow is Windows 10 compatible.
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    Many thanks, Bob!

    I'm currently checking with Pangolin Support to make sure the product is genuine, since it was only purchased from a UK dealer in March this year, but I noticed the software is v 2.5 - so it made me a bit suspicious when I read the notice on the forum about counterfeit products. The FB3QS looks like the real thing, it seems to have the right USB connector with the groove at the bottom centre (but I'm still checking the serial number with Support just to be really certain). Assuming it proves all OK, I'll download the update soon.

    Thanks for your help and for creating excellent software!