Windows 8 help please!

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    Hi there

    Newbie to the forum :)

    I am using a lw CS1000RGB laser and purchased Quick Show a while ago.

    I've just bought a new computer with Windows 8.1 to run both, and am having problems with drivers. I installed the software from the original QS DVD, opened for the first time and it said my date was wrong. Did some searching on this and downloaded the new software that solved this problem.

    Now when I run the software I get a message that Laser Controller hardware was not found. It says that as I am running Windows 7 (??) I need to perform the following tasks (see attached).

    I followed the instructions anyway, removed the FB3 driver, disconnected and reconnected the FB3 but it is still giving me the same message when I start up.

    When viewing the driver in Control Panel is says it has issues but can't remedy them.

    Any ideas gratefully received, thanks. Jonny

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    Hey Jonny, I replied to your trouble ticket with the resolution. You just need to use the device manager to manually browse to the correct drive file.