Wireless Control (Wireless FOH)

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    What are your experiences about a wireless control from FOH to the lasers?
    I have testet a System from Trilogik (www.trilogik.de).

    One Modul (2,5 Ghz oder 5Ghz Digital) for Audio/DMX and another Modul
    for WLAN (5 GHz, Layer2 Bridge). There are pinions that that never work satisfactority with qm2000.net. QM200.net have its one Memory and Processor, the traffic should be sparse over the network.

    6 GHz are rare in use, and jamming should be no problem when using digital transfer.

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    I suggest you to use Flashback interface on every projector.
    FBs must be programmed with a show / scenes.
    Then you use only Wireless DMX and invoke the required scenes.

    Advantage: you can control lots of projectors from a lightning desk.
    Disadvantage: you are stuck to what is programmed on projectors - you can not load new scenes from remote.

    When using QM2000 system you have much more options for the show.
    You can have all QM2000.NETs connected to a switch and to the main computer on the FOH. I preffer LAN cable because it's much more robust.

    If wireless is the only option then I use another PC on the stage (with PCI cards or together with QM2000.NET devices and work as a remote desktop user (VNC for example).

    I never try to work directly to the QM cards through the WiFi because it is very likely to drop packets or link (= fail) during the show.