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    Hi my names Lucas I am fairly new user when it comes to pangolin so forgive me for my ignorance.

    I have a have a show in about a month that contains 7 solid state 20w RGB Kavant systems. The client has requested that all 7 systems be controlled via wireless due to some of the distances and locations of some of my projectors.

    What are my options for sending scanner signal over a wireless network? I am just using scanners and have no need to send DMX whatsoever. (i'm not inquiring about how many or what QM2000 cards i need just how to send my scanner signal from my control to my systems)

    Any thoughts ideas would be much appreciated .

    Thanks so much
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    You say large distance, are we talking 100's of meters, or 1000's of meters?

    You sound like you are not using QM2000 cards for this, which can make things difficult. If you were using them, you could deploy 7 of the QM2000.net boxes, and connect these via wireless Ethernet. I know that people have done this before. Depending on distance, you would possibly need to use some directional WiFi antennas, and possibly some repeater stations to give you good high speed coverage for all of the locations at your event. But that being said you can't always count on WiFi, and a wired or Fiber Optic network connection to each location would be preferred.

    As I do not know what system you are using, if you are able to synchronize show playback with SMPTE Timecode, you could use standard wireless audio transmitters and receivers to send timecode from the main system to the six other systems and have everything synchronize that way.

    To my knowledge there is no way to send just the scanner signal over wireless using standard equipment. You are talking about the equivalent of at least 5+ fully uncompressed audio tracks just for XY, RGB color, and safety shutter. This is quite a bit of information to try and send reliably through a WiFi network in real time.

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    The SMPTE with wireless audio transmitters and receivers sounds like a good solution

    The QMNet can not work wireless

    You can put an extra PC with a QM card next to each projector and control that with wireless Ethernet.

    Or you can use a wireless DMX that will go to DMX In in the QM card. In that case you will also need a PC next to each computer and use Showtime Live.

    If the projector is not a mile away only few hundred feet
    Than I would use a cable and hubs as many as I need
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    Instead of a computer next to each projector Flashback may be useful too.
    Preload all Flashbacks with the same scenes / parts of show and trigger them with Wireless DMX.