Wireless ILDA connection

Discussion in 'Networking' started by mindfruit80, Oct 15, 2015.

  1. mindfruit80

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    Does anyone know of a wireless ILDA tranceiver/receiver from an FB3 box to a laser projector? or how it could be done?
  2. masterpj

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    Not recommended.
    While on the QM you have frames stored in memory, with the FB3 you have your frames streamed and it constantly needs to be updated or the software will lose track of the FB3 or you have a flickering output or other issues.
    It's also not very safe and reliable.

    Nevertheless its possible in 2 ways
    1. Download and buy one of the USB over ethernet programs (not all will work and I do not recommend it)
    2. Get a startech usb 2.0 over ethernet. Connect the FB3 to this. Connect the startech usb ethernet extender to a wireless router and connect to the wireless router with your pc (also not recommended)
  3. Pangolin

    Pangolin Staff Member

    If you exercise Pieter's second recommendation, you will need to use the Ethernet version of Startech. These are a bit more expensive, but they do exist...

    Of course the best solution for this is to use our new FB4. That works with both QS and BEYOND and we've tested it on Wireless networks.

    Pangolin never actually recommends the use of a wireless network, but we realize that our users do this anyway. FB4 represents the best and safest way we've ever seen for use with wireless networks.
  4. Sid Sloth

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    hi what I do is a laptop backstage connected to fb3 then via remote desktop a laptop in tech booth (via router in tech booth with wifi) then when on setup I use a tablet with remote desktop to control my alignment from the floor. I use wireless just for setup then run via cat but also in case issue have tablet so can run out on the fly if issue.
  5. myronwerth

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    First you need to buy the stuff consisting of a cable modem, a wireless router, and wireless cards for your computers. Once those are all setup, the rest is simple. Put you install cds in the computers with the wireless cards and the rest is done by the computer.